What Will Best Quality UK Rolex Replica Watches Launch At Watches And Wonders?

Andrew Morgan, expert from luxury pre-owned watch retailer, Watchfinder & Co., and famous for his Youtube channel Talking Hands, is among a slew of pundits expecting Rolex to use key anniversaries as inspiration for new AAA replica Rolex watches, but has a few suggestions from left field that others are not predicting.

As WatchPro’s editor Tracey Llewllyn described back in January, 2023 is a big year for UK 1:1 Rolex fake watches with anniversaries abounding.

Perhaps the most significant is that of the Submariner, which turns 70 this year, so expect to see modern interpretations in platinum.

Then there is the Daytona. Although the name did not appear on a dial until 1965, it was two years earlier that the ref. 6239 Cosmograph was launched – the model that many consider to be the first high quality Rolex Daytona replica watches, which makes this the Daytona’s diamond jubilee, so we may see some extravagant jewel-encrusted reference.

Another significant anniversary is that of the 1953 successful ascent of Everest.

Although it is now widely accepted that it was likely to have been a British-made Smiths watch that first summitted the mountain, it is also a matter of record that Rolex prototypes were supplied for the expedition, eventually leading to the launch of the perfect Rolex Explorer copy watches.

Despite the redesign of the Explorer in 2021, which saw it return to the 36mm case diameter of the original, it seems almost unthinkable that something special won’t be announced during 2023.

Watchfinder’s Andrew Morgan has a slightly different take, looking less at the deep history of Rolex for clues, and more at the modern direction of the brand and its stablemate, Tudor.

He hopes there will be a brand-new red and black luxury replica Rolex GMT ‘Coke’ watches, a whole special anniversary line up for the Explorer, Submariner and Daytona — all of which are celebrating milestones this year — as well as predicting what’s next for the much-loved Rolex Milligauss.

Rolex GMT ‘Coke’

New colourways are a seemingly easy win for consumers and Andrew foresees a new addition to Swiss movements super clone Rolex’s GMT line watches.

Sitting alongside the blue and black ‘Batman’ design and the green and black ‘Flanders’ – the star of last year’s Watches & Wonders exhibition – will we see a new colourway to the iconic collection?

Andrew thinks so and imagine a red bezel GMT sitting beautifully alongside the existing timepieces, to be dubbed the ‘Coke’.

Is there a future for Milgauss?

The Rolex Milgauss replica watches for sale, is an often-overlooked watch by Rolex collectors, but is one with a very interesting back story.

Created as a tool for scientists to tell time in the strongest magnetic fields, the Milgauss has become a bit of a cult classic with its legendary lightning bolt adding to the watch’s hype.

However, Rolex has not released a new model in the Milgauss line since 2007, leading Andrew to believe that a new launch is highly possible this year.

However, our experts feel this range could easily go the other way, and if a new launch doesn’t arrive soon, they foresee the cult classic being removed from the Rolex line-up.

Will Rolex Explore titanium?

Swiss made Rolex fake watches has one of the most illustrious histories of any watchmaker and is known for memorializing famous models.

This year will be a year of milestones for three of their most iconic cheap replica Rolex watches.

With the Explorer and Submariner both celebrating their 70th anniversaries this year and the Daytona celebrating its 60th; it seems almost certain that Rolex will mark these milestones with a limited-edition anniversary line up across Explorer, Submariner and Daytona.

Looking at Rolex’s sister company, Tudor, can often help predict the future of Rolex.

We’ve seen a strong move towards titanium in Tudor’s portfolio, with The Pelagos and The Deep-Sea Challenge using titanium in their case design.

It’s therefore no wonder that Andrew is predicting special edition anniversary models for top fake Rolex Explorer, Submariner and Daytona watches’ all featuring Titanium cases and unique colorways.

Rolex Explorer II goes back to the eighties

Having seen an influx of yellow gold across the industry, Andrew wonders if Rolex replica watches site will apply the trend to its timepieces this year.

The move would follow the likes of Cartier who now only offer yellow gold as the precious metal offering for their Tank timepiece.

The introduction of yellow gold would by no means be a first for Rolex, they introduced bi-metal designs of Sea Dweller and Explorer, but will we see them take this trend further?

Andrew would like to see a more glamorous side to the Explorer II, which has always been one of China 2023 Rolex fake watches’ more rugged designs.

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