Best Quality Replica Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570 For Sale

Okay, I’m well slept and well fed, so I’m not feeling particularly confrontational today. I will try and keep it civil this time. Besides, I think there is a place and time for both perfect replica Rolex and Tudor, so I will tread lightly. I got my teeth kicked in with my vintage Speedmaster a few weeks ago, so I will be a bit more modest this time around.

That said, I do have a word or two to say about these best quality fake watches. I don’t dare to make assumptions after the Speedy debacle, but I just cannot see how the Tudor would win this…

An honest, original tool watch
For starters, this generation of the cheap fake Rolex Explorer II is an honest tool watch. When you handle it, you are feeling a rugged piece of gear. It is no-nonsense and fit for purpose. There really isn’t much that needn’t be there. Although I sure prefer the looks of the original ref. 1655, the 16570 is the perfect generation in my eyes. It has all the modern dependability, but none of the blingy frills of more modern Rolex replica watches online.

It feels very original too. The luxury replica Rolex ref. 1655 was a truly odd design, in a good way. The later 16550 and 16570 were logical evolutions of that watch. They looked like nothing else out there. That cannot be said for the Tudor after fifty years of the Explorer II. It does not look like a truly original design. It looks like a Tudor version of a 1655. Reference 16570 was state of the art in 1989. The Tudor is a vintage throwback in 2022. I think there is a moral difference there that makes the Swiss made replica Rolex the more desirable watch.

A better design
Granted, the Tudor Black Bay Pro is a handsome watch in real life. It is well made, no doubt, and it shows it externally. But I strongly believe my ref. 16570 is just a better design. Its slimmer, better-proportioned case makes for a way better fit on the wrist. There is a perfection to the AAA quality replica Rolex’s dimensions. It fits my 17cm wrist perfectly without ever looking small on larger wrists. The Tudor is a bit of a cumbersome block by comparison.

And surely, my dear Fratelli, you will deduct points for the throwback rivets and pre-aged lume?! Whether you find it pretty or not, we have to agree that it is all a bit over-designed, right?

As much as I dislike including money here, I have to admit, the Tudor does offer a lot for it. Of course, its bracelet is more solid. It has a longer power reserve, and you get a five-year warranty. It has the young-timer 1:1 fake Rolex Explorer II beat on all of that. And at half the price, I have to add.

Still, I think the Rolex Explorer II replica for sale presents better value. I know, it is laughably expensive, but hear me out. Although it has become way more costly over the past couple of years, it is still undervalued compared to its Swiss movement fake Rolex sports siblings. The Explorer II has long been overlooked, but no more. Especially after the recent market correction (that may or may not still be ongoing), I fully expect these to gain more value over the coming years.

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