The UK AAA Replica Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR Rootbeer

Two-tone replica watches for sale don’t get nearly as much love as they once did. The ’90s were rampant with bi-metal watches with many opting for the touch of precious metal instead of full stainless-steel references. But boy have times changed with the integrated stainless-steel craze showing no sign of slowing down. As a result, two-tone models do not always excel on the pre-owned market – often hovering near or below their retail pricing. But there are certain exceptions to the rule. The luxury replica Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR Rootbeer is proof that two-tone can be a winning formula in today’s marketplace and, like its full stainless-steel peers, trade over its retail pricing.

The case
The majority of the case is fashioned in UK Swiss made fake Rolex’s 904L stainless steel with hints of Everose gold in its bezel and crown. It’s front profile is completely satin brushed, excluding aspects of the bezel knurling, while the case sides are mirror-polished steel. Standing at 40mm in diameter, 48mm lug to lug across the wrist (excluding the fixed end links of the bracelet) and 12.2mm thick, the case is both robust and slender – quite fitting considering the super clone watch is effectively a precious metal endowed tool watch. This allows the watch to be both formal and functional in look and feel.

The Cerachrom bezel of the best quality replica Rolex blends both black and brown ceramic, which has been dubbed the modern “Rootbeer” configuration. The brown tone is reminiscent of a cup of coffee with a touch of milk, and the Everose gold inlays of the timing scale pair well with both the black and brown halves of the bezel. The tactile experience of rotating the bezel is world-class, being both butter-smooth and highly secure. The knurling of the bezel is rendered in Everose gold with the precious metal framing the dial within.

The 1:1 fake Rolex GMT Master II 126711CHNR “Rootbeer” is rated water-resistant to depths up to 100 metres, but boasts a TripLock screw-down crown also found on Rolex Submariner models. The triple gasket system is extremely robust and secure, leading many to believe the Rolex GMT Master II replica for sale can possibly reach depths greater than its listed specifications. That being said, most of us will never be able to test such a hypothesis – but it’s nice to know we can all surface swim or dive with zero concern.

The dial

The dial of the Rootbeer is a gloss black base with large lume plots found within its Everose gold framed circular, baton, and triangle indexes. The gloss black is very legible – a surprising feat considering no AR coatings are disclosed within high quality fake Rolex specifications. Anti-reflective coatings are prone to scratching and wear, so Rolex’s exclusion of the coating is less laziness and more a desire to maintain a high level of robustness throughout the watch. The hands are a familiar Rolex style with a Mercedes hour hand, pencil minute hand, and lollipop seconds hand fashioned in Everose gold for increased resistance to wear and rust over time. At the 3 o’clock position, the famed Swiss movement replica Rolex Cyclops magnifies the black on white date window for increased ease of visibility – supposedly the only component to receive AR coatings in Rolex crystals.

As a high quality copy GMT watch, the dial also features an Everose triangle tipped GMT hand to match the overall aesthetic of the watch. As a true GMT, wearers are able to independently adjust the hand without interrupting the timekeeping of the watch thanks to its independent rapid-setting cheap replica Rolex GMT hour hand. Considering the superlative accuracy of the movement within, it is nice for there to be no need to reset the time with each change of time zone as it is already an extremely accurate watch.

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