One of the last watches in Swiss made replica Rolex’s collection to be equipped with a movement from the 31XX generation is the Milgauss of 2007. In 2014, Rolex introduced the Z-blue version with a blue dial. Other than that, it hasn’t changed. To us, it is time for the Crown to change this situation. And for many reasons. First of all, the watch is now slightly outdated compared to the rest of the models with its thick case/lugs/bezel. Second, its movement is quite old. Finally, and most importantly, anti-magnetism is a major topic these days, and luxury fake Rolex has been beaten fair and square by Omega with its Master Chronometer certification.

We expect 1:1 super clone Rolex UK to strike back with a major accomplishment in the field of magnetic resistance. This could even mean that the name “Milgauss” (adapted from mille gauss, the French for a thousand gauss), the level of magnetic resistance offered since its release in 1954, will be irrelevant to the product. But we insist: the cheap replica Rolex Milgauss (the watch and the name) should be kept alive.

Swiss movement replica Rolex has already started experimenting with Master Chronometer certification with its sister company Tudor, providing technology that combines chronometer rating and impressive resistance to magnetism. This could be a way forward for the evolution of the Milgauss. We picture top copy Rolex UK adapting its calibre 3230 with new, highly anti-magnetic parts to withstand the 15,000 gauss test of METAS, eliminating the need for an inner soft-iron or mild steel cage.
However, at our site, we are anticipating something even bolder. We have in mind a major innovation: a movement that isn’t magnetic-resistant to a certain level but fully, entirely AMAGNETIC. And by amangetic, we are referring to a watch and movement that are totally impervious to magnetic fields. It would be something unprecedented and altogether novel in the watch industry, and a demonstration of the supremacy of AAA fake Rolex in terms of R&D.

Regarding the design of the watch, we’ve imagined our 2022 Rolex Milgauss 126400GV replica Paypal in a somewhat conservative key. The case would use the base of the Oyster Perpetual 41, thus with a slightly enlarged diameter but slimmer proportions (lugs and bezel) than the current reference 116400GV. And since the copy watch wholesale would not rely on an inner cage anymore to resist magnetic fields, the case would also be far thinner than in the past.

As for the dial, our 2022 best quality fake Rolex Milgauss 126400GV would pick up on recent codes of the brand, with double markers but still the classic orange accents, lightning-shaped seconds hand and the oddly attractive glace verte or green-tinted sapphire crystal. And because we’re talking about a professional model, we’d like it to be entirely brushed, mid-links included.

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