Some Thoughts About The New Cheap UK Rolex Explorer 40 Reference 224270 Fake Watches

Size does matter… at least, in this context, it is actually everything that matters. Indeed, looking at this new and rather unexpected watch (but Rolex can do anything it wants and proved it with the Puzzle and Bubble dials), we can comfortably say that the design is conservative. There’s basically nothing new to see in terms of looks. It is an Explorer all the way. But size is a big deal here. This perfect Rolex replica watches started its life in 1953 as a 36mm model, then it moved to 39mm, then back to 36mm, and now there’s the Rolex Explorer 40 Reference 224270 (an addition to the collection, not a replacement). And I can already tell you one thing: it managed to unite the team in a (not really positive) consensus – but for somewhat different reasons.

Let me bring a bit of context first, not about the watch, but about us, the members of the MONO team. I am a massive fan of AAA UK Rolex Explorer fake watches in general: I love their design; I love their rugged spirit; I love their all-terrain, do-it-all, go-anywhere capacities. I own an example of both the so-called Explorer 1 and the Explorer 2, both luxury replica Rolex watches used to illustrate these in-depth articles here and here. More precisely, I have a special attraction for the models of the 5-digit generation – semi-vintage, semi-modern, the best of both worlds, in my opinion, but also watches that were perfectly sized at 36mm and 40mm. Indeed, I do believe that 36mm is the perfect size for a classic 3-6-9 Explorer watch. And the launch of the new Explorer 124270 with its 36mm case was, to me, great news. Somehow, I saw my precious reference 14270 come alive again.

Not everybody shares this opinion. For instance, our founder Frank has a special connection with the 39mm Explorer, a.k.a the reference 214270, a watch launched in 2010 and slightly updated with the Mk2 in 2016. Larger, bolder, identical; however, in terms of design, he believes this Swiss made Rolex copy watches is (was) the right size, the highlight of this collection. That being said, Frank is a taller man than I am, and all things being equal, the 39mm edition looks far better on him than on me. As you can imagine, the release of the Explorer 36 in 2021, coinciding with the discontinuation of Explorer 39 ref. 214270, was not really to his liking.

This situation is actually the reflection of a wider reality. It seems that with the 36mm version, top Rolex replica watches was both very conservative (looking back at its past and bringing back the historical size known from 1953 to 2010) and probably a bit too audacious too. Indeed, even if downsizing is an undeniable trend, 36mm cannot be called an average size. It is, without a doubt, compact and thus doesn’t create a consensus. Some certainly loved this move (me included), and some didn’t. When the new Explorer 40 was presented, Frank and I immediately asked the Rolex representatives this question: “Is this larger model a reaction to a mitigated reception of the 36mm model? Or was it planned from day-one?” And while Rolex doesn’t want to officially admit it, I have the feeling that it is a reactive launch, not something that was planned from the very beginning. We’ll probably never know the reality, and it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is this new best super clone Rolex Explorer 40 Reference 224270 watches. Visually, it is unmistakably an Explorer 1. No dramatic changes, no risks taken. Black dial, steel case, brushed surfaces, 3-6-9 dial, time-only display and Mercedes-like hands. And no two-tone Rolesor option for this larger version, like the Explorer 36. So, what is there to say about the new model? The answer is dimensions – it’s all about dimensions.

As you can see, the differences between the three 2023 replica Rolex watches, whether the discontinued 39mm or the two current models, are minimal, to say the least. As for the Explorer 36 versus the Explorer 40, it is just about the size, everything else is identical.

So back to the topic of dimensions. As you can see, the Explorer 36 is a fairly compact watch. In reality, it measures 35.5mm, making it slightly smaller than it used to be before 2010. With the new 40mm, Rolex has increased, except for the thickness, the dimensions. The diameter is now said to be 40mm, but we’d certainly like to confirm this with a calliper – remind me to bring one to Watches & Wonders next year. Compared to the 39mm, which this new 224270 somehow replaces, it also has a slightly longer case and a larger lug width (21mm vs 20mm), mostly by shaving the inner part of the lugs – a technique used on the updated Submariner and Explorer 2. Thickness remains the same as the 36mm watch, at a reasonable 11.6mm, which is understandable since both fake Rolex watches for sale have the same movement, the same display and the same water-resistance.

The dial of the new Explorer 40 also follows the same principles; everything is identical in design but has been beefed up to accommodate the larger diameter. Hands, markers, letterings and numerals are larger and wider (P.S. the hands are the right size, no need for an Mk2 update). However, if you compare the 40mm 224270 to the 39mm 214270, you’ll notice some differences. First of all, the Explorer mention on the dial is now positioned at 12 o’clock, below the Oyster Perpetual mention. And while this was the original position since the 1950s, the 39mm had it at 6 o’clock, somehow balancing the dial. I don’t feel that this was a problem on the Explorer 36; however, I find this position disturbing on the new Explorer 40. It leaves a large empty space at 6 o’clock, while there is far more action taking place at 12 o’clock, with the combination of the long triangle, coronet, Rolex logo, Oyster Perpetual and Explorer mentions. Due to the superior area available on the 40mm edition and the lack of elements, I do believe that the dial was more balanced in the past.

The second point regarding the dial of the new Explorer 40 has to do with proportions. First of all, even though the markers, hands and numerals are larger than those found on the 36mm model, they appear slightly more refined, a bit thinner than they used to be on the 39mm Rolex replica watches wholesale. Again, this creates some empty space on the dial. Finally, I’d tend to say that the bezel of the new 224270 is also slightly thinner than it used on the 39mm, making the dial larger and more open.

What to say… For once, Frank and I reached an agreement regarding the Explorer. We both think that the new high quality fake Rolex Explorer 40 watches isn’t the best in this collection. We still don’t agree on our favourite version – I’m keeping my thoughts regarding the 36mm diameter, he stands firm on his preference for the 39mm version. Don’t get us wrong; the 224270 is, altogether, a great watch. Its modern movement, calibre 3230, is amongst the best time-only automatics on the market, the bracelet with Oysterlock clasp and Easylink release is splendid, and the overall quality is simply spectacular. This a stellar watch on paper. But we’ve come to the point where the changes are so minimal on the Explorer that they actually become fundamentally important, and they make us extremely picky.

Of course, these are our personal opinions and don’t necessarily reflect a subjective take on the Swiss movements replica Rolex watches. Objectively speaking, the Rolex Explorer 40 Reference 224270 is a great watch and one of the most emblematic designs of the brand. Plus, it’s always nice to have options, and the fact that Rolex now offers its classic Explorer 1 in both a historically relevant and a modern size is great. But as a fairly minimalist watch with a time-only display, the new 40mm feels big, substantially bigger than the old 39mm edition.

I know that one size doesn’t fit all wrists or all tastes, but the 39mm felt a bit more balanced. I’m terribly finicky about this new Rolex fake watches shop, I know that. But Rolex being Rolex, this is also what you get with being so conservative and more consistent than any other brand.

This new Rolex Explorer 40 Reference 224270 will join the collection next to the 36mm edition as part of the permanent collection. It is priced at EUR 7,550, CHF 7,300 or USD 7,700 (which is about 400 euros/dollars more than the 36mm edition).

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