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Fake Rolex Datejust — Five-digit references
In 1977, Swiss replica Rolex UK introduced the 16xxx generation of references, commonly referred to as the five-digit generation. The same popular bezel styles remained:

The smooth-bezel ref. 1600 became ref. 16000
The fluted-bezel ref. 1601 became ref. 16014 in steel and ref. 16013 in two-tone
The engine-turned-bezel ref. 1603 became ref. 16030
There are two changes that are certainly worth mentioning. First, the pie-pan dial of the earlier models was replaced by a completely flat dial. Second, perfect replica Rolex fitted the new caliber 3035 with a quickset date feature.

Flattening the dial may be a relatively small change, but it certainly has a big visual impact. As a result, this generation of luxury replica Rolex Datejust looks cleaner, but it also lacks the depth of the previous one. As is often the case, it all comes down to personal preference.

The first sapphire generation
Swiss made fake Rolex kept the 16xxx generation in production until 1988 and followed it up with the 162xx models. Again, the recognizable bezel styles remained:

The smooth-bezel ref. 16000 became ref. 16200
The fluted-bezel refs. 16013/16014 became refs. 16233/16234
The engine-turned-bezel ref. 16030 became ref. 16220
This would be the final generation to use roughly the same case proportions as the older variants. Later fake watche s for sale got the beefier lugs and a totally different wrist presence. The 162xx generation still has a thoroughly vintage vibe to it, even though it is fitted with a sapphire crystal. If the prospect of wearing an acrylic crystal does not appeal to you, this generation will offer you the best of both worlds, while still wearing like a vintage 1:1 replica Rolex Datejust.

Take your pick
Considering all of the generations above come in a near-endless array of materials, dial styles, bracelets/straps, and bezels, there should be a perfect model for you. If you want to get that ultimate 1980s vibe, go for a two-tone top copy Rolex ref. 16233 with a vertically striped tapestry dial. If you prefer the most classical look, go for a steel ref. 1601 with a silver dial. And if you want the ultimate in rare luxury, track down a full-gold ref. 16018 with a stone dial. With a little patience, you will find your dream configuration.

If this whets your appetite for a deeper dive into vintage Rolex Datejust replica watches online uk, check out The vintage Rolex Datejust buyer’s & collector’s guide.

What is your favorite vintage Rolex Datejust?
How about you? Would you go for a four-digit classical beauty? Or would you rather have the convenience of a quickset caliber or even a sapphire crystal? Do you want your high quality fake Rolex Datejust in steel only? Or perhaps two-tone or even full gold is more to taste? Since the possibilities are near endless, I would love to hear about your favorites. Feel free to tell me about them in the comments below.

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