Famous Musicians Who Collect Perfect Quality Rolex Replica Watches UK For Sale

Some musicians positively love to spend lots of money on cheap Rolex replica watches. From the famed beboppers of the mid-20th century to 1970s rock gods, modern rappers and singer-songwriters, these musicians often wear their watches into the spotlight, effectively spreading the horological gospel farther and farther afield.

John Mayer

The singer-songwriter-guitarist is one of the most visible UK 1:1 Rolex fake watches enthusiasts in the world, adding everything from Patek Philippe pièces unique to decidedly affordable G-Shocks to his collection.

Replica Rolex Daytona Ref. 116508 Watches

After he waxed poetic about it on Hodinkee’s Talking Watches (Part II) in 2019, this yellow gold luxury fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches with green dial became known in collectors’ circles as the “John Mayer.” Launched in 2016, its color combination makes it a bit of an oddball reference—but good luck finding one on the secondary market for less than $75,000. Mayer bought it on Christmas of that year, dubbing it the “Christmas” dial.

Eric Clapton

“Slowhand” is perhaps the O.G. modern best 2024 Rolex copy watches collector. Indeed, it was the guitarist and singer’s fondness for rare Rolexes that sparked much of John Mayer’s enthusiasm for the same.

Fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6239 “The Crazy Doc” Watches

Feast your eyes on what may be the sole example of top replica Rolex ref. 6239 Daytona watches in yellow gold to feature a pulsations dial. (While most chronographs feature tachymeter or telemeter scales, certain examples have pulsation scales instead, which are meant to measure a patient’s heart rate.) This particular AAA China Rolex super clone watches’ dial was likely the result of a special request, and was acquired by Clapton in the ‘90s. It hammered for close to $2M at auction in 2022.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 6263 “Albino” Replica Watches

Also purchased by Clapton in the late 1990s, this wildly rare Swiss movements Rolex ref. 6263 Daytona fake watches features what has come to be known as an “albino” dial — one in which the chronograph’s totalizers are the same silver color as the dial, rather than contrasting black. One of just four known examples of such a dial, it also hammered in a 2022 Phillips auction for nearly $2M — proof of the extreme collectability of tiny dial tweaks, and of Slowhand’s enduring popularity.

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