1991 AAA Super Clone Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 16700 With Full Set

I’ve been drawn more and more to five-digit Rolex replica watches online over the past few years. Like many collectors that I talked to, four-digit was previously king in my mind while five-digit served as a nice alternative if you didn’t want to go all in on something older. While some of those dynamics still hold true in my mind, much has changed. These ’80s and ’90s perfect fake Rolex watches have only gotten better as I handle them more and more here at the Hodinkee office.

The ref. 16700 luxury fake Rolex GMT-Master stands out to me as the last classically sized GMT that Rolex manufactured. The footprint is largely unchanged when compared to a 1675 or 16750, while the overall feel in your hand and on the wrist is much more stout and sturdy-feeling – more confidence-inspiring. I find it really appealing that the cheap super clone Rolex 16700 was thought of as an affordable alternative to the then-newly released GMT-Master II. To me, this cheaper option is undoubtedly the better watch of the two.

The example we have here dates to 1991, with an “X” serial number. For older GMTs it really always comes down to color for me – I’ve said this time and time again. The 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master was the only sports watch with proud color in the Rolex catalog and the unique fading on each “Pepsi” bezel is always what I look at first. If the bezel fading is not attractive, I pass.

Of course, the cheap replica Rolex we have here has just enough fading to let you know it is from 1991 while presenting as clearly red and blue – just what we want. With a full set of box, papers, and accessories, this is a very compelling package for any watch lover, from the seasoned vintage Swiss movement replica Rolex collector to someone looking for their first piece from the Crown. Check this GMT-Master out in full right here.

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