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It’s rare for a single product to be so influential and so important within its particular world. The cheap replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner watches (aka the ‘Sub’) is the most enduring, the most sought-after, the most appraised, the most adapted, the best-known and the most acclaimed watch in its segment — that of dive watches. How has AAA UK Rolex fake watches managed to command so many superlatives, so many sales and so many variations over almost 70 years of uninterrupted history, accompanied by the undying approval of an ever-expanding fan base?


There’s no flattery in stating matters of fact; simply a recognition of the unstinting work on a design that’s changed little, especially since 1963. The high quality Rolex Submariner replica watches cannot be said to be the first of its kind ever: it was Blancpain that fathered the first modern dive watch with a rotating bezel, a watertight case worthy of the name (water resistant to fifty fathoms, or 91 metres) and optimised readability. However, the best Rolex Submariner copy watches can legitimately lay claim to primacy in terms of design and the quest for constant improvement, and it’s these qualities that have put it squarely at the heart of any debate concerning professional watches and water resistance at great depths, generation after generation. The fact is that alongside its basic versions, Swiss made Rolex replica watches has always developed models with better, sometimes extreme technical capabilities. By enlisting the help of diving professionals (as befits a model belonging to its so-called Professional family), Rolex has regularly linked its iconic watch with one-off or regular exploits that have bolstered its reputation by putting the evidence to the test (or in some cases through trial by fire).


By supplying models to a large number of armed forces, Rolex got servicemen to bestow the ultimate accolade of ‘tool watch’ on the 1:1 fake Rolex Submariner watches. By supplying divers working for professional diving pioneers Comex, the brand received the seal of approval of the most experienced deep-sea workers. By fixing a Deep Sea Special prototype to the hull of the Trieste research bathyscaphe in 1960, taking it to an actual depth of 10,916 metres, it notched up a record that remained unbroken for another 59 years. And by attempting to beat that record in 2012, this time on an ultra-fast mini-submarine with James Cameron at the helm, Rolex placed the self-referential story of the China Rolex Submariner replica watches centre stage once again. It’s a narrative cycle that sets the timepiece above the norm, the competition and to some extent reality itself. Who can really grasp what it means to achieve the feat of withstanding a pressure of 1,100 bar, immersed in an environment where the pressure exerted on an area the size of a postage stamp is over one tonne?


The 2023 Rolex Submariner super clone watches was born in 1953 as the logical culmination of a process that began 27 years earlier with the creation of the Oyster case, followed by the adoption of the screwdown crown and later, the use of flexible seals to make the many different parts of the case watertight. In 1953, Rolex extrapolated its rotating bezel model, the Turn-o-Graph — and in doing so, brought together the ingredients for underwater fusion: its Ref. 6204 had a diameter of 36mm and was water resistant to 100 metres. Featuring a rotating bezel with a black aluminium insert, triangular 00 marker and luminous hands, it encapsulated everything that came to define the modern dive watch — although the design became more firmly settled in 1959 with the Ref. 5512. This had a bezel with a deeply notched toothed rim, ‘Mercedes’ hands (these had emerged on an intermediary generation), and marked a shift to a 40mm diameter case (complete with crown guard) that was water resistant to 200m thanks to the Twinlock seal on the crown.


The kinship between a 1959 and a 2022 top replica Rolex Submariner watches is obvious: despite innumerable changes, their family likeness is instantly discernible. Seen thus, as a result of its constant presence in the collective imagination of all those who take any interest at all in watches, the Submariner is an archetype. As such it evolves, not only with each new generation but also with each new version. It’s developed through more than twelve generations, each iteration adding a change of material, new-look hour-markers, a different dial finish, or perhaps a new strap system or movement. But the best quality Rolex Submariner fake watches’ great strength is precisely that it enables variations on a theme: a family, a collection and indeed a brand in the sense of a name that encompasses a set of identity-based attributes and coherent, stable, powerful connotations.


The variations in question include materials. Although the Sub was originally (and generally still is) a steel watch, Rolex has introduced its usual range of alternatives too. As early as 1969, the Submariner was available in an all-gold version — yellow gold of course! Ref. 1680 used one of the brand’s recipes for success: marketing solid gold Rolex replica watches wholesale as symbols of prosperity and success, in particular for the US. In 1983, Ref. 16803 introduced a blend of gold and steel later to be known as Rolesor. The timepiece also featured one of the first blue dials in contemporary history, encircled by a bezel in the same shade, marking a radical shift away from the almost commando-like look of its contemporary, the Ref. 16800. The gold was polished, yellow and plentiful, the blue bright. Then in 2008, Ref. 116619LB came out in white gold, once again with a blue dial and bezel, although in a rather more sober matte hue this time.

A Breakthrough

Another, essential milestone in this policy of variations was reached in 2003 with the introduction of cheap fake Rolex Ref. 16610LV watches and its green bezel. Created for the model’s 50th anniversary, the piece enjoyed unprecedented success, resulting in incredibly long waiting lists; its resale value outstripped even that of steel Daytonas (although what was at that time an overinflated value may now raise a few wry grins). It was the first contemporary Rolex to finally feature the brand’s green on a watch. This use of secondary hallmarks (i.e. other than the logo and the crown) has continued ever since. It was thus this model (nicknamed ‘the Kermit’ by the brand’s endlessly creative fan base) that allowed Rolex to move into ultra-branding. The fact that it was a Submariner is significant, denoting the timepiece’s central role in the brand’s marketing, sales and PR strategy.


The luxury Rolex Submariner replica watches was also acclaimed for its functional variants. The Submariner has no date, but the same cannot be said of the Submariner Date, which has always had the notorious ‘Cyclops’ magnifying glass with its Marmite-like effect on the community: you either love it or you hate it. Those that hate it have long found refuge in the manlier, more professional, more robust, no-nonsense SeaDweller version that first came out in 1967. Until the introduction of Ref. 126600 in 2017, the other watches that took this approach were Cellinis. Meanwhile the Single Red, Double Red, Comex dial variations and other micro-specialities that drive fans crazy represent the hardcore side of the Submariner, a timepiece that hasn’t budged in the slightest from the tacit canons of what had yet to become known as the tool watch.


Rolex then embarked once again on the quest for monsters of the deep. The DeepSea came out in 2010: 44mm in diameter, 17.75mm thick, and water resistant to 3,900 metres, it was the only standard Rolex to have a titanium component (the caseback) at a time when the brand refused to work with this material. This giant is so heavy (and above all so thick) that it drags on your wrist every time you move — despite which it was eagerly snapped up. And in 2012, Rolex created the Deepsea Challenge to accompany the Deep Sea Challenger mission, which got within eight metres of the record-breaking depth set by the Trieste in 1960. This prototype watch measuring 51.4mm in diameter and 28.5mm thick was outstanding from every point of view, including its guaranteed watertightness at a depth of 12,000 metres. Its sapphire crystal alone is 14.3mm thick — thicker than an entire present-day Submariner. This technical feat and advertising coup illustrates how the Rolex Submariner replica watches for sale is exceptional in every way for Rolex — despite the brand not having any room for exceptions to its rules. It’s an instrument that dominates of the world of underwater watchmaking — an environment in which to explore, excel, and perform, amid fierce competition that nevertheless remains consigned to runner-up status, held back by the irresistible force of the Rolex machine, launched at full steam to support what is perhaps the brand’s most iconic watch.

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