UK Swiss Made Fake Rolex Daytona with a Sodalite Dial, Ref. 116589

In case you couldn’t tell by the jarring change in style, this is J.J. now. Hello!

My love of modern 1:1 replica Rolex Daytonas has been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance recently (meanwhile, my father, an avid proponent of pre-Daytonas, is cringing somewhere). However, with its combination of white gold and sodalite, the Ref. 116589 making up Lot 151 is the complete anthesis in look and feel to a Ref. 6263 or even most modern Rolex fake watches online uk. This piece is simply everything.

This 2005 chronograph, with zero cracks on the pristine dial, is just begging to spend a summer in France with you. I know steel references are great and all. But seriously, when are you ever going to see a stone-dialed perfect fake Rolex Daytona?

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