So shoot me, I like my Swiss black Rolex Submariner replica uk on a rubber strap

One of our traditions at Time+Tide is a wristcheck on on the weekly editorial call. Last week, it was my best fake Rolex Submariner 114060 on a Rubber B rubber strap. My illustrious colleague, Mr. Zach Blass did not approve. He was giving me grief about taking off the Oyster bracelet for my Rolex Submariner replica uk and wearing it on, in his mind, a vastly inferior option. To his purist sensibilities, nothing could be more reprehensible than breaking the sacred bond that is a Swiss fake Rolex and its bracelet. We threw arguments back and forth before Andrew decided we should take this debate not to a makeshift octagon in the carpark, but to the website. So here we are.

This is my argument. Now, before I take a big fat L like the last time Zach and I went to head to head, let me start off by saying I prefer my cheap fake Rolex Submariner on bracelet. It really is the perfect combo. However, I also really like how it looks on my rubber strap too – in this case a black ‘Rubber B’ strap utilising the factory Glidelock clasp.

To me, this combination gives me a break from the more conservative original pairing, while maintaining a really solid look and feel. I don’t baby my wholesale imitation watches so they do get banged up quite a bit. This is definitely exacerbated by being in what feels like a constant state of lockdown. Being at home all the time means my best quality fake watches are exposed to hazards such as flying wooden Thomas the Tank trains and light-sabers wielded by my four year old – things I wouldn’t encounter as much if I was in the office Monday to Friday.

The rubber combo also adds to a more casual, under-the-radar vibe – more sweatpants and sneakers than chinos and loafers. Not to say that you can’t pair it with more smart casual attire. The Aquanauts and Yacht-Masters of the world look great with anything – I’d happily rock an Everose Yachty on Oysterflex to the next black tie function. In a way it’s the evolution of pairing Rolex Submariner replica for sale and Seamasters on bracelets with suits, which has become standard practice, despite the protests we’ve made in the past.

I can appreciate the monogamous approach to a top fake Rolex Submariner on what it was born to be wed to, but it’s just not for me 100% of the time. My collection is small and I like versatility. My Swiss made replica Rolex literally pairs with anything so why hold back? Plus, if I’m going to change it up, why not go for something different? If you haven’t tried it, the next time you reach for your steel on steel pairing of luxury replica watches, don’t be afraid to grab that spring bar tool and chuck on a tropic, Everest, Rubber B or whatever takes your fancy. Be different and enjoy a spot of variety in your life. If loving this combo is wrong, then sorry Zach, I don’t want to be right.

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